DIY Miniature Golf Course Designs

At Horwath Miniature Golf we understand some customers would like to build their own miniature golf course.

We offer construction designs that shows you how to construct each hole, pond and streams. We also supply you with a detailed material list.

Now you still need construction knowledge, but the designs are very easy to understand.

We have many happy customers that have built their own custom miniature golf course using these designs.

We had accounts, restaurant owners, school teachers, and even a city found this way to be very easy, satisfying and budget friendly to build.

This is a great way to save A LOT of money.

If needed we can also arrange for a site visit or even stay a week to help you get your project going. We let you know where to get all the supplies needed for the project. If this is something that may work for you, give Bob a call today.

Let’s Get Started!


Tim McBain Mendon Mini Golf and Snack Bar

Horwath Miniature Golf Courses is a great company to use from the design process to the completion of the construction. When you originally call them you don't just get office staff but the owner himself, Bob. He is very experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of miniature golf courses. He took my designs and put them on a professional program, then came out to the site to help begin the construction phase. All my professional contractors were impressed with his knowledge of site work, plumbing, electrical, concrete, and carpentry. Bob can do it all for you and is hands-on through much of the process. You can bounce questions off of him and get a knowledgeable response that will help you save time and money. Bob thinks about his customers' needs first and gets the job done for you. I highly recommend him to anyone thinking of starting a miniature golf business. Thanks, Tim

Robert Dietz DJ's Miniature Golf and Ice Cream

Working with a professional was invaluable to me as someone taking on the huge undertaking of developing our own miniature golf course. The blueprints for each hole were so helpful to the concrete crew and even though we had to make changes based on the lay of the land, the plans were easily adapted to a somewhat different design than what we originally started with. Bob from Horwath Golf not only walked me through the various steps but he was always there promptly to reply to questions I had. In short, I cannot image taking on the project without Horwath Golf. Thanks again.

Beth Robinson Swing Time Mini Golf

It was such a pleasure to work with Robert Horwath on the design for Swing Time Mini Golf. He was always timely, courteous, and responsive to all of my inquiries and requests. His design demonstrates an understanding of both the history and contemporary realms of the game, as well as the actual site of Swing Time. He was straightforward about pricing, and he designed my course to realistically fit my budget. During the building and set up time frame, I felt comfortable contacting Robert for referrals for both materials and equipment. I am very happy with Swing Time Mini Golf because it is a beautiful addition to our community. Customers find it accessible with surprising challenges along the way. The sound of laughter drifting back to the clubhouse says it all! - Beth Robinson, owner

Dean Prohaska Maui Mini Golf

As a hands on guy who likes to do their own projects, spending countless hours on line researching, traveling to scores of miniature golf complexes, I just knew I could do it myself. Now I just needed someone to guide me, answer my countless question and give advice on numerous issues, basically an expert in the field. Well I finally found him and it was Robert Horwath, I had access to his personal phone, office phone, never did I have to stop my project and wait for his call back. I’m in my 3rd season and I still call Rob and his first response is "How can I help you Dean" He’s an expert in the field and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks Rob.