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If you can dream it, Bob can build it.

Mini Golf Design

Bob treats your site like a blank canvas - he and his staff are the artists and their intention is to deliver a masterpiece. Horwath Miniature Golf Courses can create beautiful natural waterfalls, caves, lagoons and islands for your mini golf course. We use natural stone or we can do a custom hand carved rock master piece from shotcrete. We love working around your existing trees, boulders and any type of natural surroundings to enhance the look of the course and make it work with the landscape - saving you time and money.

As with most construction companies we prefer to build from our own miniature golf course designs - but we have no problem working with other designs, as long as it's permissible. When designing your miniature golf course we strongly advise you to work with designers that have experience with miniature golf course construction - Many companies boast they have many years in construction, but Bob has over 30 years experience in the miniature golf course construction which results in higher quality, and fewer changes during the building process and lower overall construction costs.

Bob Horwath's basic philosophy when it comes to miniature golf course design is that the right combination of humps, bumps, undulations and hazards equals a great time for everyone. This is the kind of fun that brings customers back for more! When designed correctly, your miniature golf course will give players an exciting challenge - without making them frustrated at the difficulty of individual holes. Every miniature golf hole should be designed so that a hole-in-one is always a possibility - that's a thrill that will put a smile on anyone's face!

Bob also strongly believes and recommends adding at least one large waterfall, if not two and make them highly visible from the road. We believe you need as much water as you can get. Everyone loves the water! This will act like a neon light and draw the customers and let everyone know you are open for business. Bob's got the 30 years experience in miniature golf course construction to pull it off and bring the crowds to your course!

Miniature Golf Course Designer
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