We call this our dream course. If you have the bigger budget, this is the course to build. We start with a 95' luxurious lagoon filled with fountains splashing water everywhere to get the attention from the road side. We then add island shots crossing through the lagoon with fog misting up from everywhere inside the lagoon, we can even have frogs chirping if you like. We then have a 60' retaining wall with a 35' waterfall cascading over it. On each side of the 35' waterfall we add two more waterfalls that are about 10' high and 8'wide. On the top elevation we add a 20' wide by 16' high waterfall dumping it's water into again another lagoon with a crooked dock bridge running through it. If that isn't enough we add another waterfall on the back side running down to a large catch pond with more fountains. We are putting about 1800 gallons of water a minute over this front wall. This miniature golf course gives you all the WOW factor you will ever need and still with a budget you can live with.

All of the plans are concepts and can be priced and built as you see them or custom design to fit your property and your budget.
At Horwath Miniature Golf Courses you get the big builder experience without the big builder price. Lower overhead means lower prices.